It came out the year I graduated: 1992. You would have thought I had seen it by now.

When I asked Chad if he had seen it, his eyes got really big and said "It's only in my top 5 of all time! You've NEVER seen it?"

Nope. At least not until last night.

I had asked on Facebook if anyone had a copy I could borrow and thanks to Jessica Moody, I was able to borrow it.

Cuddled up on the couch with a bowl of mac & cheese with hot dogs (lazy day food), we turned off the lights, lit some candles and made our own little movie theater.

I knew about the movie, it being about 2 brothers and fishing. No wonder Chad likes it so much. He and his brother, Nate, like to fish and were taught by their dad, too. And just like the brothers in the movie, when they were young they would take off for the entire day and come home for supper. Their parents never had to worry. That's the way it was then...but kids can't do that now. The world has changed drastically in 30 years.

Why haven't I watched this before? What an awesome movie. Since meeting Chad I have been catching up on the all the great movies I've missed out on. What's really fun is when there is a particular scene coming up that is funny or intense, he either laughs or says "Get ready". It doesn't really spoil it for me. I just get more excited on what is going to happen next.

Are there any movies that are YOUR favorites that I may have missed? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Photo from YouTube