There will be a reception for Hazel McCaslin, Wednesday, Aug. 20, at the Pittston Town Office. She has been chosen to be the recipient of the Boston Post Cane for the Town of Pittston. The Boston Post Cane is given to the oldest living resident in town. Hazel is 95 years young and runs a perpetual lawn/barn sale in Pittston that keeps her active and young.

On August 2, 1909, Mr. Edwin A. Grozier, Publisher of the Boston Post, a newspaper, forwarded to the Board of Selectmen in 700 towns* (no cities included) in New England a gold-headed ebony cane with the request that it be presented with the compliments of the Boston Post to the oldest male citizen of the town, to be used by him as long as he lives (or moves from the town), and at his death handed down to the next oldest citizen of the town. The cane would belong to the town and not the man who received it.

In 1930, after considerable controversy, eligibility for the cane was opened to women as well.

According to Valerie P, Clark, Executive Assistant for Consumers for Affordable Health Care, Hazel worked in the cafeteria as a cook for many years at the Pittston School Department. Valerie believes Hazel was there when it opened!

The reception begins at 5:30 pm.

Hazel McCaslin with her children (L-R Janie, Hazel, Mark, Carolyn)