UPDATE: As of 11 a.m., ESPN is reporting that the game will be played as scheduled.

USA Coach Jurgen Klinsmann spoke to ESPN about the conditions.

If you're planning to watch the USA take on Germany in the World Cup today (June 26), be warned heavy rains and massive flooding in Recife, the coastal Brazillian city where the game is scheduled to be played at noon, have threatened the game While there has been no official word from FIFA about the game, this report from ESPN talks about impassible streets in the area, with upwards of 2 feet of water in the street. ESPN, which is televising the game, said that officials would check the field about an hour before the game to make a determination on if it would be played. However, this report from NBC Sports said that "the game is in no danger of being postponed." ESPN has video of officials inspecting the field before the game.