Getty Images, photo by Ethan Miller

The list of the highest paid athletes is out and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is at the top of the list again in 2013. Mayweather made $90 million, amazingly all from his paydays as a fighter and $0 from endorsements. Most athletes depend on endorsements to supplement their (already) million dollar contracts. Take the second highest paid, LeBron James; he made $56,545,000 in 2013, $17,545,000  in salary and $39 million in endorsements.The rest of the list is as follows:

3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, $47,800,000…$40,000,000 salary, $7,800,000 endorsements.

4. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, $46,850,000…$27,850,000 salary, $19,000,000 endorsements.

5. Tiger Woods, Golfer, $40,839,027…$7,839,027 salary, $33,000,000 endorsements.

The top 50 included 25 baseball players, 13 basketball players and 8 football players.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots did not make the top 50.