With the craziness that happened in Newtown, CT, it hit close to home for me. I am from Milford, CT, which is a half hour from the Sandy Hook Elementary. I went to Pumpkin Delight and have fond memories of my days there. I was 8 when we moved here to Maine.

I am still friends with my very best friend who lived in the house behind us. She lives in Derby which is the next town over. When I heard about the shootings, I tried to reach her and was unable.

It wasn't until Sunday when I received a message by Facebook that she and her family were okay. I can't tell you how relieved I was.

The picture for this article is a picture of my 1st grade class. I am the 3rd one in the front row. In this picture I am the age of the children that died. Look at the innocent faces. The innocence of children has not changed. They still love their parents and respect their teachers at that age. I can't imagine my parents going through what the parents of the shootings are going through now...I can't imagine myself going through it either.

I don't mean to shelter my child too much. I just want to keep him safe. I can't be there 24/7, so I rely on his teachers to keep him safe at the time I'm not able to be with him. I am thankful for the wonderful teachers at his school and his former school. They would do anything to protect our children.

Please, hold your children tight each and every night. Make sure you kiss and hug them goodnight. If you believe in God, say your prayers with them and let them hear how blessed you are for having them in your lives...because you are.

Never let them fall asleep until they hear you say you love them. They are your most precious gift.

I can't imagine my life without Anderson. I can't imagine my arms not wrapped around him picking him up from school. I can't imagine not seeing his smiling face each and every day. Or hearing his laugh...or his big kisses.

And now two other beautiful children have come into my life to make my heart grow even bigger. They both have a piece of it. I couldn't imagine harm coming to any of them.

Please, may our children stay safe. Please, may they know we love them. Please.....