Getty Images, photo by Scott Olson

It’s chili dog week, which is a favorite topping for some to put on their hot dog. It seems every region in the United States has their favorite hot dog and toppings. Here in Maine, the preferred hot dog is the ‘red dogs’ or ‘snappers’. Some people grill them for the best snap and place them on a buttered roll, others prefer them steamed.

Kosher-style hot dogs are popular in New York and New Jersey. The Chicago dog comes on a poppy seed bun with relish, peppers, pickles and tomato slices. The hot dog is the all-American food, but it’s quite popular around the world, too. In Guatemala, it’s the ‘mixta’, hot dogs served on a tortilla, topped with lettuce, avocado, mayo and chili sauce. In Sweden, hot dogs are topped with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad. The New Zealand hot dog is more like a corn dog because it’s deep fried then served with tomato sauce.

The hot dog is considered the all-American food even though it actually originated in Frankfurt, Germany. No one knows exactly how it became known as America's food, but who cares. Enjoy!