Hunting for Maine residents starts this Saturday. Many of my friends can't wait to get out there and find their trophy buck. Just a few days ago, we were coming home from a gig and just before we got to the driveway, we saw eyes. 4 pairs! 4 big does were across from our house. Chad said "Wait, watch this!" He backed up the car and shone the car lights into the field. Another set of 4 eyes were there! There are deer EVERYWHERE!

Chad even saw a huge 10 point buck in the backyard a few weeks ago! Whomever said there were no deer around our house...well, he was VERY wrong!

A great thing to have when hunting is a trail camera and Chad, being the thrifty man he is, found one on Ebay for a great price! After waiting (too long) it finally came in the mail yesterday...or so we thought. When we opened the package, it was NOT a camera. It was a Mixamp Pro Gaming Mixer and Amplifier from Astro worth about $130. The man had sent the camera to a buyer in Massachusetts, who in turn, got our camera.

We were able to contact the seller and he gave us the info for the man who bought the amplifier. He will send us the camera and THEN we will send him the amplifier. Poor guy. All I can think is this man is sitting in his home in his basement waiting to have surround sound on his Xbox. Poor pictures of deer in the woods, yet. We should have it in another week so he'll have to hunt this Saturday with his instinct. Something tells me we will have a full freezer by the time the season is over.


ON A SIDE NOTE: For those of you who were nice enough to warn me about the dangers of getting arrested for "Illuminating Deer" from my article, I spoke with Keel Kemper of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and described what happened in the article. He said that what we did is NOT illegal and in order to have charges brought against someone for Illuminating, there needs to be a big ol' spotlight in your vehicle and, possibly, weapons. He said "It's Maine. People like to look at deer and what you did is just that. Don't're fine."

According to Title 27:6. Night hunting and twilight hunting. It is unlawful to hunt wild birds from sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise. It is unlawful to hunt wild animals from 1/2 hour after sunset until 1/2 hour before sunrise, except raccoons. During the open firearm season on deer, all hunting must cease at sunset, except raccoon hunting.

Thank you for clearing that up for me! PHEW!! I can still enjoy the 8 does in our yard when I get home at 2am from a gig!