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Governor Paul LePage has declared a state of emergency as the state Maine deals with the effects of Sandy. The statute allowing the declaration states: "In the event of disaster beyond local control, the governor may assume direct operational control over all or any part of the emergency management and public safety functions within the state."

Get the latest from the Maine Emergency Management Agency and CMP.

Here is the latest shelter information.

Latest Weather warnings.

Wondering where Sandy is?  If you’re looking for some maps and up to the minute information, we have several resources for you to find that information.

The Weather Channel has the best real-time tracking page we’ve ever seen.

NOAA and the National Weather Service have an official page for Sandy where you can see the radar loop and other images.

Weather Underground has a page with community generated information including projected times that Sandy will arrive in various locations.

NASA has an entire section of their site devoted to hurricanes and Sandy is no exception. Check out some stunning photos from space of Sandy.

Supplies You Need:
You should have a few days of supplies on hand at the very least but a week of supplies may be a better option as widespread power outages are a possibility. Your supply list should include:
Non-perishable food items in cans and boxes
Bottled Water
Extra Batteries
Stocked First Aid Kit
Cash (ATMs don’t work without power!)
Clean Clothing
Download radioPup

Ahead of the storm hitting you should do the following:
Go to the store for supplies
Charge your phones and mobile devices
Put away all lawn furniture and other items in the yard that could become airborne
Gas up your vehicle to at least 1/2 tank
Check your insurance coverage to make sure you are covered for wind, flooding, or other possible disasters related to Sandy.
Get important documents put into a portable safe and keep it near the door in the event you have to evacuate.

Make sure your pets are taken care of too – many shelters do not accept pets, so ahead of the storm you should find someone to take your animals for a few days.