You've watched the shows. You've heard the sounds...the voices...seen the footage. Ghost hunting is 'WICKED' popular right now and it made sense this month to take you on a journey that I NEVER thought I would do! I've had some ghostly things happen to me in the past but THIS adventure takes the cake!!!

When I asked where I should go ghost hunting the answer was overwhelming! The Mill Agent House in Vassalboro was the subject of many emails and messages to me on Facebook and everyone said the man who runs it, Ray Breton, is a wonderful man and that he gives tours. So I called and he was very excited to give us one!

Chad and I were ready. We had our cameras and flashlights. We did a little research about the house first so we would know what we might be getting into. The home was easy to find and HUGE! Ray has done a lot of upkeep on it keep it looking as beautiful as it did when it was first built in 1847.

The tour took about 2 and 1/2 hours and what happened...I couldn't believe it!

While we were up in the attic, Chad and Ray were standing in front of me talking about the 18 ghost children that live in the house. Chad was taking pictures to see if there were any orbs floating around. That's when the FIRST thing happened.

Something behind me pulled my hair. Not just pulled but YANKED! I didn't say anything or let them know I was freaking out because I didn't want to make it look like I was being fake.

When we came down from the attic, Ray said "Most people when they are up there, the kids either poke them or pull their hair." My eyes got wide and they looked at me. I admitted "Yes, something did yank on my hair."  Things were getting interesting.

We went into the basement and Ray talked about the Captain and how it's not unusual for the Captain to go home with you for a week if you make him mad. Then it was off to the livingroom where he showed us the letters and pictures that have been sent to him from people all over who have visited and experienced things.

As we were listening to the sounds that have been uncovered in the house from REAL ghost hunters, that's when the SECOND thing happened.

While talking with Chad and Ray I turned to look at the rest of the room when the door that leads to the porch had a BLUE FLASH OF LIGHT. I was the only one to see it and they both saw my face go white. Ray smiled and asked "What did you see?" I didn't want to say anything until I checked it out myself.  So as I crept to the door Ray said " Be careful..he may jump out at you!" Very funny....NOT! So I opened the door and behind it was stacks and stacks of boxes. I thought a car might have gone by and the headlights had shone in the house. But, no. There was no way for light to get to that specific place at the bottom of the glass.  And to confirm that, a car went by and no light went into the little space.


Chad and I then spent the next hour in one of the apartments trying to contact the ghosts for ourselves but, alas, nothing happened. BUT...we do have some great pictures of orbs that were floating around us in different sport all over the house and yard. And if you zoom in on one with your computer you may see a face...if you believe!!

Ray does the tours weekly and loves to tell his stories of his experiences with the ghosts and other people's stories. Thank you for your time, Ray, and thank the Captain and the children for being good to us!

Check out the pics below and see the orbs and the wonder that is the Mill Agent House. Step inside.....if you dare.....