The IBM computer known as ‘Watson’ has played and won at Jeopardy, played and won at chess, now it has created BBQ sauce. The future of this may be entering a few ingredients into a computer and have it make something delicious.

IBM has been working on the cooking project for about 2 years and the result is a BBQ sauce that ‘Watson’ created that is described as ‘not traditional’. It is known as ‘Watsons Bengali Butternut BBQ sauce’, not your typical sauce. The label of ingredients list white wine, butternut, squash and dates butter. The nutrition label list things like: Cognitive Computing, IBM Cloud, Big Data & Analytic's.

As far as the taste, owner and chef of a barbecue restaurant in Iowa, Mike Wedeking, used some at his restaurant and decided it wasn’t for him but did say taste is subjective.

The idea behind Watson making a BBQ sauce is that one day human and computer can work together to create something human's could not come up with on their own.