Getty Images, photo by Joern Pollex

Since marijuana has become legal in Washington state, pig farmers are taking advantage of the waste from the manufacturing process and feeding it to their pigs. Growers have a problem figuring out what to do with the excess stems, roots and leaves, so one group came up with the idea of feeding it to the pigs.

Susannah Gross owns a five-acre pig farm and is experimenting with the leftovers and turning it into pig food. For Gross, the experiment involves only four pigs right now and those pigs have gotten heavier than the others from the same litter. The age-old joke about stoners getting the munchies seems to be true for the pigs too. Susannah reports the pot-fed pigs are eating more and it looks like pigs with the munchies is a solid business plan.

The meat is selling well too as consumer’s report the meat is more savory.  Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market said his sales were so high he ran out of meat. The leftover greenery experiment seems to be working, but for now you’ll have to go to Washington for some ‘smokin’ bacon.