It’s important to be informed about home care services before a crises happens, if you have senior loved ones, being prepared for when the time for home care services arises, you have the information to choose a home care agency that will provide your senior loved one with quality care.

Signs to recognize that your senior loved one may need home care:
• Appointments being missed
• Frequent falls and bruises
• Body odor
• Unopened mail piling up
• Poor diet and weight loss

When selecting a home care agency, here are some questions to ask:
• Ask if the agency performs background checks on all of their employees
• Ask if the agency is state licensed, state licensed agencies are audited on a consistent basis to assure consumers receive quality care and the agency is in compliance with state regulation
• Ask how long an agency has been in business, it’s important to have an agency with a reputable history
• Ask for references from past clients