When did kids toys get so complicated? Or expensive? Being the mother of a 6 year old boy I didn't think it was going to be difficult to buy him birthday presents this year. He does have a Leapster which has helped him learn all kinds of things like math, spelling and even countries and continents! We do have a Wii that has the normal games but also has educational games (plus helps keep Mom fit!). When I was little I was happy to play with a cardboard box! Things have definitely changed! Anderson received a remote control helicopter for his birthday on Sunday and, surprise, surprise...batteries NOT included!!  The price of batteries, just like everything else, has gone up. Thank goodness they have rechargable ones. I would be broke from all the gadgets that are in our home.

The highlight of my week came yesterday when, while playing with the helicopter outside, Anderson flew it to the top of the young maple tree that separates our yard from the neighbors. I did what any mom would do...grabbed a bag of baseballs from the garage and tried to knock it out.  Let's just say the Red Sox would not hire me...even with their currrent record! Chad took the basketball from the garage and hit it first try and it disappeared into the branches. He then proceeded to climb the tiny tree. A 180 pound, 6-foot tall monkey was able to dislodge it and all was right in the world again.

What happened to the simple times of hula hoops and Tonka trucks? The things that didn't require anything but human operation? I enjoy watching him discover how things work. Oh well, guess I must keep up with the times.