Why? Because I said so! I LOVE Justin Moore's music! So Hmph!

He's just your typical cowboy from Arkansas but things kind of fell into place for Justin at an early age. He started performing his junior year of high school and joined his uncle's band just out of high school when they moved to Nashville.

And the story makes me envious even more:

The man that was launching a new music label, the Valory Music Company, Scott Borchetta, liked what he heard in Justin. He told him to be patient and he would sign him when the label gets going.


5 years later, that day came!

Randy Houser co-wrote his first top 40 hit "Back That Thing Up". His next single "Small Town USA" really made him a household name!

He stands only 5' 7", but he is turning into a giant in the music industry! His latest album "Off the Beaten Path" has sold 97,000 and it debuted at #1!


Sharon's Top Justin Moore Songs

  • 1. Justin Moore - Small Town USA

    Small Town USA (Acoustic Version) - Single
  • 2

    2. Justin Moore - Backwoods

    Justin Moore
  • 3. Justin Moore - How I Got To Be This Way

    Justin Moore
  • 4

    4. Justin Moore - Bait A Hook

    Outlaws Like Me
  • 5. Justin Moore - Til My Last Day

    Outlaws Like Me
  • 6. Justin Moore - Point At You

    Off the Beaten Path