I don't know about anyone else but every time I hear the beginning of Jason Aldean's new single "Take  A Little Ride" I automatically hear the song "Holler Back" by The Lost Trailers.  They are written by completely different people but they both have that same driving country beat that is synonymous with Jason's sound.  The similarity ends there but it makes me want to hear "Holler Back"!

"Holler Back" was released in 2008 and rose to number 9 on the Billboard Country Charts.  They have not seen the same success with their follow up songs and members have left to pursue other avenues.

Jason Aldean, however, has seen 7 number 1 singles and he continues to climb the ladder of success. His new album Night Train will be released October 16, 2012.  You can see him in concert with Luke Bryan at the Bangor Waterfront September 2nd.