I am kinda bumming I am not able to do it this round. But YOU still can get in. The Kennebec Valley YMCA has their next round of ‘Lose It With The Y’ that starts Monday November 4th with a initial meeting from 5-6pm their Alfond Gymnasium at the Augusta campus of the KVYMCA . Not a KVYMCA member, you can still take part!!  Being part of the team gets you full KVYMCA access.!

This is where the teams and trainer first meet and the action is first developed.  IF you have four people, then you are all set, you are a team.  If you are not part of a group, NO PROBLEM, you are a free agent.  You and other free agents will be formed into teams.

It really is a great experience. Having a team to depend on is great and for a lot of reasons. You have others to share your victories and to help you in the rough patches. It is more fun as a group. I always liked the accountability to a group; it helps me to stay on track.

The teams work out together for an hour and a half a week. You can do it all at one time, split it into two or whatever works for the team.  The teams have once a week weigh-ins and a chance to learn and grow into healthier habits.  It is only $450 a team (or $112.50 a person) you get full use of the KVYMCA and your team trainer.  Best deal going!  They have the pools, the classes, the walking tracks, and the work out areas, the cardio areas…the whole enchilada!

Why do I not do it?!  Because of my schedule I have a hard time being a helpful member of a team. No one has my schedule up at 3 am! LOL But as I am going on my wellness journey with Mend-A-Body, I have added the KVYMCA into my life again.  So, I am not an official team member this time, I do have my own unofficial team of people (friends  and Mend-A-Body coach) I can depend on for the sharing victories and rough spells and like you, I will be headed into the holiday season being healthier and more active right along with you.