I did this last year with all three kids and they were so excited!

Each time we pulled up to Sparetime Recreation in Waterville their eyes just lit up!

And it's FREE!


You DO have to pay for shoe rental. But think of the money you are saving! Each child gets 2 FREE games of bowling (valued at over $500 per child spread out over the whole summer) and it's a great way to get kids away from the TV and video games. Bowling may not seem very active, but it's better than plastering their butts to the couch!

Here's how it works:

Go to Kids Bowl Free and sign up! Pick the state you live in and choose your bowling alley. There is one near you. Then you have to enter YOUR info, being the parent. Then enter the child's name and birthday. If YOU want to bowl with them, you could pay a one time fee of $24.95 and bowl with them all Summer! CHEAP!

When those rainy days come around or the REALLY hot days where it's too hot to play outside, take the kids bowling!