Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard that the government website Healthcare.gov has had a few problems. Well,  Sen. Angus King is suggesting another website for viewing insurance plans under the federal health care overhaul. BUT there is one big drawback.

King is suggesting Mainers get a peek at what plans may cost by checking TheHealthSherpa.com while the federal website, Healthcare.gov, continues experiencing glitches. I did it this morning, TheHealthSherpa.com was super easy to use.

King says the alternative website allows consumers to compare the plans being offered in 34 states, including Maine. While residents can’t buy coverage on TheHealthSherpa.com,  they are directed to private insurance sites where they can enroll. The drawback?  If you qualify for subsidies based on your income ( and most of us do) you will need to apply through the Healthcare.gov system to get those subsidies!  If you go through the private insurance sites you can get the healthcare plan, but not the help paying for that plan.

King says it’s a temporary alternative until the federal government resolves the problems with healthcare.gov and it is a great way to get some information if you have been having problems.