Could this get any more fun? My friend Christy used a picture of this cake as her Facebook banner. And right away I said "I need to make this!"

It is so simple a child could do it...and he literally did! I baked and frosted the cake, Anderson decorated it!

You will need:

1 cake mix and ingredients to make the cake according to the box.
1 can Chocolate Frosting
5 King size Kit Kat Bars or 10 regular size
4 bags of King size M&Ms

Take any flavor cake and bake 2 round cakes according to the package directions. Let it cool. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting.

Take the Kit Kats and stand them up and press them into the frosting around the cake. They should fit perfectly! Pour the M&Ms on top and press them lightly so they stick to the frosting.

Not only fun but delicious!