I can change my own oil. I can put air in my tires. I can change my windshield wipers. I can fill my power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze and oil. I can replace my bulbs and fuses. I can change my own tires. I sometimes need a little help because I'm not strong enough to get the lug nuts off. I can even apply Bondo and sand it down nice and smooth to get the body ready for painting.

But other things elude me. Like, what is that knocking in my front end?

As I was driving to work this morning, something was happening under the hood. Whenever I went over a bump, on the driver's side only, my car seemed to have something knock against the steering column. But as I was on the highway, it went away. It wasn't until I got off the exit and turned on to Western Avenue that each and every bump made my car make a noise.

I hate noises.

I don't know anything about cars. My sister, Wendy, can build cars from the ground up. She actually built her own race car that she used to race at Unity Raceway! Her husband at the time was a mechanic and used to race at Unity, too. I wish I knew as much as she does. She even replaced my brakes for me.

I think if I could have any other knowledge in the world, it would be how to fix cars. Think of how much money that would save me! Randy works on his own vehicles all the time. Chad can take the car for a ride and say "Oh, it's THIS" or "Oh, it's THAT".

Drives me crazy. No pun intended.

Some people would like the knowledge of installing electricity or plumbing but I would LOVE to be a mechanic. I don't mind getting dirty and washing my hands in orange smelling soap to wipe away the grease. Being self sufficient with knowledge of fixing my own car would be great.