Photo by Justin Ramos

Lakewood Theater in Madison, Maine, has been known to put on some fantastic productions. And their latest was no exception! In fact, by Friday, the cast got word that they might break the record for the largest attendance EVER!

Photo by Justin Ramos

'Footloose' was the latest production directed by Jeff Quinn. It involved a cast of 32 and incredible music! They had been rehearsing for at least 6 weeks and every person that left the theater could not stop raving about it!

They received notice that they were almost 400 seats away from breaking the record of the largest attendance which was set by 'All Shook Up!' in 2007 with a total of 3,404.

The final total came in yesterday. Their total was 3,284...just 120 seats shy of the record. The cast should be so proud of themselves! From the curtain's opening to the final bow on Saturday night to the screams of hundreds...WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!

Please, PLEASE, support local theater! The actors and actresses put their hearts and souls in to each and every performance just to give you the best show you've ever seen. You still have plenty of summer left to attend Lakewood Theater and watch the curtain go up on another 3 shows. See their full schedule HERE!