Priscilla Stevenson  is 96 years young and still lives in her home in Wayne. Priscilla and her son Ford, had notice that a bird feeder had been pulled down and dragged away from her house. They thought the culprit was a raccoon. The next night, another resident nearby saw a bear going after another bird feeder. Priscilla's son, Ford Stevenson, used a motion-activated camera and captured images of a big bear, when the bear returned for another bird feeder!

Stevenson described the bear as standing 3 feet tall at the shoulders. The bear also destroyed several beehives on the property.

Biologist Jennifer Vashon with the Maine Department Of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, says springtime is the height of bear complaints and that bird feeders, beehives, grills and garbage are targets for bears emerging from their dens.

The wildlife department recommends taking down bird feeders between April 1 and November 1 and raking up birdseed from the ground. They also say to store pet and livestock food inside and to stop grilling if there are bear problems in the area.