The eagle owl or Eurasian eagle owl is the largest owl in the world. It has a massive wingspan of six-and-a-half-feet and is so quiet, it can fly over you within feet and you won’t hear it. All you feel is a slight breeze. eagle owls usually nest on cliffs and ledges and are extremely family oriented.

The eagle owl is found throughout Europe and Asia and have a lifespan of 20 years although some in captivity have lived for 60 years. Their diet ranges from rats to rabbits, to fully grown foxes and small deer.

It is late winter when they have their young producing one egg every three days to a total of up to six. The mother stays in the nest with the eggs as the father hunts for food and feeds her. It takes anywhere from 31 to 36 days for the eggs to hatch and, although the young eagle owls are able to fly within seven weeks, the parents will continue to care for them for up to six months.

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