Now, this machine may do absolutely NOTHING but the man with the brains behind this contraption is a genius! A man named Akiyuki came up with the idea by using the popular Lego toys. Of course he added some electrical parts to make them move but it's made of all Legos.

The idea is basically a factory and how to move things from one place to another. He uses miniature sport balls as the equipment or product being moved. It shows that with a little ingenuity the assembly line can be used for just about anything! As one of the comments on the Youtube video said "I wouldn't mind hiring him to build my factory."

Bring your kids to the computer and play this video for them. It's pretty amazing!  Then, break out the box of legos! They are great for kids minds and for parents, keeping the kids busy! Thank you to Uncle Raymond for all of Anderson's legos. He comes up with the craziest cars and buildings with Brad and Jayden.