Season eight of America's Got Talent is filling spots into the semifinals and one of the acts with Maine connections have made into the semifinals. Abi Hodgson, a Lewiston native, is one of 37 members of the American Military Spouses Choir, one of 16 acts that are still in the running for the $1 million top prize.The choir is made up of women whose husbands area all active-duty military. Ali's husband Ben is a Marine who will be leaving in September for his sixth deployment.

Hodgson is a 2004 Lewiston High School graduate living in Holly Ridge, North Carolina. Ali had sung at her father's church, South Lewiston Baptist, for years. In high school she sang in Jazz Choir, Concert Choir and Women's Chorale.

Another Lewiston native, Colin Britt, and the 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra are also still in the competition. They'll be on tonight's 'America's Got Talent' with hopes to making the semi-finals.

Ali has been married to Ben for six years, they have two children, a daughter Charis,2, and son, Daelen,4.

We'll continue to watch, vote and cheer for Ali! We'll also be watching and voting for 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra tonight!