You may not have noticed the new uniforms NFL players are wearing this year because team colors and logos haven’t changed but the ’cut’ of the uniforms have. Nike designed new; sleeker, uniforms and NFL linemen don’t like them. The new design is a body countered fit the smaller guys look good wearing, but the bigger lineman say they look like a sack of potatoes. The thin athletes look good with the new contoured fit but 6’ 8”, 300 pound lineman Alex Boone of the San Francisco 49ers says it makes him look like he has big old love handles.


Nike says their jerseys are designed for players of all sizes but for the linemen it makes them look like the swallowed three basketballs and a small turkey. The guys that do the blocking up front are quite big but it’s more size rather than eating too many ribs. The next time you’re watching a game and you think one of the lineman seems a little out of shape, it may the uniform.