I must have been living under a rock but I literally had no idea that when I went to Freeport I would see something that is an icon in the state of Maine.

Oh, sure, I knew LL Bean made the best boots in the world but I didn't know they made the BIGGEST!

I have been to LL Bean twice in my life. The first time was gearing up for my trip to Alaska. I needed a warm coat, gloves, boots, fuzzy jammies...the whole works. I still have the boots. I would still have the coat except for the fact that I leaned my back up against a storm door that had a hydraulic fluid leak and a big grey splotch is not very fashionable to wear.

The second time I had a gift certificate from a contest I had won. It was for $25 and I had no idea what to buy! I found an apple corer and thought to myself THAT is something I could use! I'm all about practical things. Well, practical things...and shoes.

On our way home from the DECMA Country Roundup at Cedar Havens Family Campground Chad, Anderson and I stopped at LL Bean to buy Anderson a new winter coat. I have bought him coats from big box stores and they just don't last. The zippers break, the lining rips and they are so bulky Anderson gets lost in them. This time I wanted to buy him one of quality and comfort. Where else but LL Bean?

LL Bean is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and they have held contests and concerts to give back to all of the wonderful loyal customers that have bought not only from their catalog but have made the trip to Freeport from all over the world to see the store that is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

I must have gone through 2 different entrances before because I have never seen the giant spectacle that is out front of the MAIN entrance! Yesterday was my first time and it is as impressive as it's store. We went through different departments, saw different animals, stuck our heads in the fish take. There is so much to do and learn about there.  And, who can't resist taking a picture with a giant boot? I asked a young lady to take ours and now another memory has been made. Thank you, LL Bean. Not only for your boots but for keeping Maine on the map!