We would like to send our condolences to WCSH-6 and WLBZ-2 and Don Carrigan for the passing of 'Togus The Cat'. Togus was a fixture on the stations storm center reports for many years. Carrigan says that 'Togus' a Maine coon cat was rescued from a place that could no longer care for him.

'Togus The Cat' was a 26-pound Maine Coon cat that Don Carrigan and his wife Donna had as a member of their family for just over 10 years. 'Togus' was sitting on a table when Don was doing a storm center report and the anchor at the television station asked him why his dog was on the table. That's when the legend of Togus took off! At his passing his facebook page had over 10,500 fans. No word if there will be a new mascot this winter season.