The locks were cut at the Peaslee Mountain Hunt Park in Jefferson and at least one red deer has escaped as of last week. Forest Peaslee, who runs the hunt park, reported the incident to the Maine Department of Agriculture, which regulates domestic deer.Maine State Veterinarian Michele Walsh says they are aware of the situation and are monitoring it.

According to Maine law, farmers are required to report escapes to the Maine Department of Agriculture within 24 hours, and to get the deer back into their pastures within 72 hours. After that, the department begins working with the farmers to get the animals back in a variety of ways.

Peaslee is concerned that three other red deer and an elk will escape the park through a damaged fence. Peaslee tells the Bangor Daily News that "one animal is out, and we don't know how many more, because there were four more in there." Peaslee adds that he believes that "this was all done because of a disgruntled neighbor."

Peaslee Mountain Hunt Park is a 400-acre park in Jefferson. It's a safe and private environment for people to hunt deer, elk and bison in a wild setting. The hunt park season runs from Sept. 1 until Feb. 28.

{UPDATE} : The red deer that escaped from the game park in Jefferson last week has been captured and turned into the state. Forest Peaslee, who runs Peaslee Mountain Hunt Park, tells the Bangor Daily News, The deer was 'disposed of'. Peaslee adds that is the procedure of the state.

The red deer that escaped was gone for eight days before a farm worker captured it.

The state lead deer biologist, Kyle Ravana of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says that separating non-native deer species from Maine's native white-tailed deer is something they take very seriously.