The driver of a logging truck was killed when his own vehicle ran over him and into a Pizza Hut restaurant in Skowhegan. So far, investigators have not determined what caused the truck to roll into the restaurant.

Skowhegan Police Chief Ted Blais tells us that Michael Morin, 59 of Oakland, had stopped at the Pizza Hut to have some lunch. As he was walking into the restaurant, the truck began to roll ahead and he was trapped under the wheel. He was transported to Redington-Fairview hospital where he later died.

No one was injured inside the restaurant, but the building sustained considerable damage. Chief Blais said it's lucky that the restaurant's roof stopped the cab of the truck from rolling completely into the structure.

Chief Blais said the truck belonged to Morin and that, so far, no mechanical issue has been uncovered. The investigation will continue into what caused the truck to roll.