Moving to the new house in Clinton, I've seen just about everything in our yard. Skunks, deer, groundhogs, snakes, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, cats, and bats. Yes, bats...

The kids have brought catepillars in the house, mice, frogs, worms, name it, we have had it. Kids are very curious! But this time it wasn't found by a kid. Well, maybe a big kid.

Chad was going to the garage to take out the trash and he went to put his hand on the door when he noticed something green.

A praying mantis!

I have never seen one in real life so this was pretty amazing! Anderson found it particularly amazing! He wanted to hold it and keep it but I had to explain to him that it needs to live outside. We finally convinced him to put it on the tree out front so it could live out its life.

5 minutes later he was back outside staring at the tree. I could hear him talking saying "I hope I see you tomorrow. You're so cool!"

I'm glad we've taught him not to be afraid of insects. I know how afraid of bees and spiders I am and I have tried not to show it in front of him. Now, he kills the spiders for me! I can appreciate them...I'm just freaked out by them!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope the praying mantis comes back to visit. It was too cool!