OK, now I may not be able to completely back this up with science but.... it worked for me and it may work for you too!  I've lost 40 lbs since I've moved to Waldoboro from Portland. Here's my 'Top 5' reasons I believe 'the move' made the difference, and why I have to say... "Thank you....I LOVE you Waldoboro"

  1.  EVERYTHING CLOSES AT 7PM.  (Wanna run to the store and get some snacks, a snack wrap, or a slice of pie for that late night craving? Not happening here!)
  2. 30 MINUTES TO THE NEAREST FAST FOOD JOINT.  (Gives you plenty of time to reconsider that bag of apples you bought!)
  3. THE LOCAL GYM MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES A KEY TO THE BUILDING. (Yup, foiled again. There is no excuse not to workout!)
  4. PIE COSTS $6.... A SLICE! (It is amazing but you have to ask yourself.. "Am I willing to take out a second mortgage for this slice of pie?")
  5. DELIVERY? FOR HEATING OIL ONLY. (So, unless you are a good cook, who remembered to get to the store by 7, or want to drive 30 minutes for a burger and fries, or feel like waiting for a power outage at the gym, or know someone who will let you take out a third mortgage on your home... well, at least you got apples!)

As I said, it may not work for everyone but I'm sold...and a little hungry!

Good luck on your weight loss journey...maybe I'll see you in Waldoboro!