It wasn't country night on American Idol but it was well represented on last night's show. The theme was a first on American Idol, it was, 'competitor's pick', where each of the top seven suggested songs for the other idols and they picked which one they thought was the best for them. So how was last night's show?

I am listing them in order of best to worst last night:

1. Jena: 'Creep' by Radiohead suggested by Caleb. Her unique phrasing fit this song well. I enjoyed her softer parts of the song with Jena playing the piano. The judges loved it, with Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez giving her a standing ovation.

2. Alex: 'The A Team' by Ed Sheeran suggested by Dexter. Alex continues to be the 'anti-idol' he doesn't have a big voice, he doesn't have the look but week after week it seems to work.

3. Caleb: 'Family Tree' by Kings Of Leon suggested by Alex. It was a fun, funky song that let Caleb sing big and work the stage. It was very good but not his best.

4. Dexter: 'Muckalee Creek Water' by Luke Bryan suggested by C.J. It could be a bad move singing an 'album cut'. The song was good, straight-ahead country and Dexter gave a solid performance.

5. C.J.: 'Gravity' by John Mayer suggested by Caleb. C.J. gravel tone and emotion worked well on this song. It was easily his best performance this season. His young son was in the audience (adorable).

6. Jessica: 'Gunpowder And Lead' by Miranda Lambert suggest by Sam. Vocally she was pretty good but she lacked the energy and passion that the song requires.

7. Sam: 'Sail Away' by David Gray suggested by Jessica. Like Dexter, singing a song that isn't well known and it was frankly a little boring. His voice was decent enough and he did seem more comfortable on stage.

No one really bombed on their solo performances.

Sam and Alex: 'Let Her Go' by Passenger. They came up with this while in the Idol house. It was vocally pleasant but as exciting as burnt toast.

Caleb & Jena: 'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones. It was pretty good until the end and then they took it to a higher level.

Dexter, CJ and Jessica: 'Compass' by Lady Antebellum. It just wasn't very good. Dexter sounded the best of the three. C.J. really struggled with the song and Jessica just seemed like she didn't want to be there.

Here are the three country performances from last night: