The ever-elusive buck is always never around but the does appear out of nowhere.

And YOU don't have a permit because YOU forgot to sign up!

Don't let this happen to you!

If you have your hunting license and have been busy, we are here to remind you that the deadline is fast approaching! August 15th at midnight is your deadline.

I brought up the website this morning and texted Chad and asked him for his hunting licenses number so I could enter him. He laughed (Lol...already did) and said he already did it.

Not like he's looking forward to it or anything.

Not like like all the men and women and child who have their hunting license are.

So, SIGN UP! Click HERE for the quicklink and get it done.

You'll be kicking yourself when that HUGE doe walks out of the fog on that first Saturday morning and looks at you...and you don't have a permit.