According to a recent study from 'Blowfish', a company that manufactures an hangover remedy, shows that Mainers take in more alcohol than any other state in the country. Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington D.C. finish out the top five.

Mainers however, only rank 42nd on the list of most hungover states.

The study also shows that 23% of Mainers have had to call out of work because of drinking too much the night before.

The study shows that Maine's favorite beer is Sam Adams, and our favorite shot is the Jagerbomb.

Americans consume 122 billion alcoholic drinks every year. The top three drinks are beer, vodka and red wine.

Republicans beer of choice is Bud Light, Democrats prefer Blue Moon Beer and Libertarians love Sam Adams.

The study illustrates 'America's Biggest Drinker' profile as a 51-year-old father who has a beard, tattoos and a PhD in engineering. He smokes cigarettes, watches golf, plays hockey, roots for the Redskins and lives in Maine!