It's costing Mainers less to fill their gas tanks. According to the price-monitoring website, the average retail cost of a gallon of gas in Maine is $3.52. That's down almost a nickel per gallon.Maine's price per gallon is right in the middle as compared to the rest of New England. New Hampshire has the lowest price at $3.41 per gallon and Connecticut has the highest gas prices at $3.71 per gallon.

Maine's gas prices are down almost 22 cents in the past month and are nearly 41 cents lower than at the same time last year.

The lowest price for a gallon of gas in Maine was $3.38 and that was found at two stations in Biddeford and one in Arundel. That's according to the more than 1,200 gas stations in Maine that are surveyed.

South Carolina has the lowest price for a gallon of gas with an average of $3.22.