They say all good things must come to an end. That is the case with the months of falling gas prices in Maine. The price-monitoring website reports that a gallon of gas now averages $3.52 a gallon.That is an increase of 2 cents from last week, however Maine residents are paying six cents less per gallon than the national average of $3.57.

Maine gas prices are more than 28 cents lower than at this time last year and almost 8 cents lower than last month.

New Hampshire has the lowest gas prices in New England with an average of $3.44 a gallon. South Carolina has the lowest prices in the country with an average of $3.21 a gallon. Three states, Illinois, California and Hawaii all have an average of over $4 a gallon.

The lowest prices in Maine were found in Fairfield and Scarbourgh.

Have you noticed the prices going up?