Snow is coming! Snow is coming!! Did you hear?? SNOW IS COMING!!!

Get ready, kids, for the chance of a lifetime!! You, that's right, YOU could actually go outside and PLAY!  And when you have the opportunity to make a snowman. Don't make just any old snowman...USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

There are many reason I love Chad and one of the biggest is that he is very creative. The things he comes up with with a pencil or a marker on paper are great. But his creations really come to life with snow!

Check out some of the great ideas he has had over the past few years with snow storms. He likes to surprise his kids and one way he does it is outside!  Yeah, he could make a pretty darn good snowman but he likes to take snow art to a new level. The snow dog he created actually made the Channel 8 evening news!

It doesn't have to be anything ellaborate but make it something different.  Give it a little pizzaz!  Dress the snowman up different! Make snow children! Think up something and make it happen!

Take a look at the different things he has come up with over the years. Hopefully, they will inspire YOU!