Maker’s Mark whiskey, which is made in Loretto, Kentucky, and has been a favorite bourbon for nearly 60 years, announced this week they would begin to water-down their whiskey in order to meet demand.  

Maker’s Mark is a 90 proof whiskey and the addition of more water will mean almost 7% less alcohol, making it 84 proof. Bill Samuels Jr., president of Maker’s Mark, says consumers won’t be able to tell the difference and he only agreed to the idea as long as the taste still meets their guidelines.

Bourbon drinking has been booming around the world the past 10 years and the last several months Maker’s Mark's bourbon supply has been tight. With the addition of more water to the bourbon, it increases the company's volume which will allow them more deliveries. Some bar owners aren’t happy about the move, saying they would rather wait six months to get a shipment of Maker’s Mark at 90 proof than get the 84 proof in less time.