This is the first known case of its kind where a man has died of cancer from a tape worm. A Columbian man’s lung tumors where not caused by human cells, but where from a tape worm inside of him.

The tape worm growing inside the man developed cancer and then passed it along, it spread in his body passing along tumors. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Infections where amazed at the discovery.

When the CDC examined the cells they acted like cancer cells but multiplied more quickly and crowded together and didn’t appear to be human, they were 10 times smaller. After a number of tests, they found DNA from a type of tapeworm.

The man had the HIV virus and researches believe that allowed the tape worm to continue to grow in the man’s body and developed mutations in the tape worm’s cells that turned cancerous.

The man died 72 hours after doctors determined the tumors were caused by the tapeworm.