It's called Auto-Brewery Syndrome, a condition that is rare, indeed, but a condition that makes it seem like someone has had a few too many beers when they haven’t had any at all. A 61 year old man in Texas has the condition where his stomach produces brewer's yeast making him seem drunk.

It all started when the man went to the hospital on a Sunday after church complaining he was dizzy. They took a blood alcohol test and the results showed a 0.37 percent alcohol level in his system, five times the legal limit.. The man doesn’t drink though, not a drop. At first, medical professional thought he was a closet drinker but further tests showed, as he ate carbohydrate-rich foods, his blood alcohol level increased.

Brewer's yeast is in bread and other products but usually doesn't do any harm, but in some cases it stays in a person's system and creates the feeling of being drunk. The case is extremely rare and a special diet can help with the problem.