Getty Images, photo by Alexander Hassenstein

Joe Nagy had a nagging problem he thought was allergies, but unlike most people, his seemed to be year round. He had a runny nose and it wouldn’t stop no matter what he did. He tried allergy medicine but it never worked and over time, his runny nose became worse, he carried tissues with him all the time. It turned out Joe had brain fluid leaking from his nose.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Nakaji said: ‘We don’t think about it, but our brains are right above our nose,' and tests of the fluid showed it was indeed brain fluid. As Nagy prepared for surgery, he came down with a case of meningitis and the fluid became infected causing problems that could have taken his life. The infection did clear and Nagy had surgery and he will be fine. Dr. Nakaji explained the procedure this way: ‘ There is no cutting involved, he inserts a needle through the nose and a small amount of glue is pushed through the needle to patch the leaky hole in the brain’. After the surgery, and the glue drying to patch the leak, Nagy is fine and feels confident he won’t have any more brain fluid coming out of his nose.