Marshmallow Peeps, the Easter treat, is turning 60 years old this year.  The Peep was invented by the Rodda Candy Company in 1953, a year later it was bought by the current owner, Just Born. Bob Born, the owner, liked the way the Peeps looked, so he bought the company in 1954. Born had a machine made that would mass produce the Peeps and trademarked the name.

It didn’t take long for Just Born to be the largest manufacturer of Marshmallow candy in the world. By 1995 Peeps were going strong but only came in yellow, pink and white, but that same year they introduced lavender and in 1999 vanilla flavored Peeps where introduced. Today you can buy strawberry and chocolate flavored Peeps and Just Born now produces more than one billion Peeps and Bunnies a year.