Getty Images, photo by Ralph Orlowski

In Eau Claire, Michigan, they recently held the annual International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship and the title went to first time winner Matt ‘BB Gun’ Krause. It may have been the first win for Matt, but the Krause family has dominated the contest, winning 24 of 39 championships.

‘BB Gun’ was up against his father, Rick ‘Pellet Gun’ Krause and his brother Brian ‘Young Gun’ Krause for the title of most ‘spit-tacular’. The win kept the title in the Krause family making it 25 wins in 40 competitions. The Cherry Pit Spitting Championship also marks the beginning of the regions tart cherry harvest.

It was tough this year to get ‘serious length’ with the pit spit because of high head winds, but Matt was able to spit his pit 41 feet-six-inches to win the title. Second place went to Mark Yelo of Oswego, Illinois, who was a foot short of ‘BB Guns’ winning spit.