It sure seemed to come quickly this year, it's horseshoe league season already at the Lisbon Left-Hand Club. The in-house league has grown, there are 18 teams this season and the ten pits at the club will be busy this season.I have not pitched a horseshoe since last season. The team I am on, the 'Rats', is different this season, our captain from last season could not play this season due to a change in hours at work. So this season could be a rebuilding year for us, not that we were a powerhouse.

Meet the team:

Noland Easler: Noland is one of my best friends and we've played in the dart league for years and now the horseshoe league for over five years now. Fun fact: Noland's birthday and my birthday are on the same day, 9/22.

Lad Brown: Lad is another longtime friend and was a member of the dart team. That's how our horseshoe teamed formed, we had won the dart league championship and decided to move on to horseshoe. Fun Fact: Lad has a green thumb, this guy grows an amazing garden and by the end of the season is giving his teammates free food from the garden.

Scott Pomerleau: Scott is another member from the old dart team. This is his first season with the horseshoe team and we've made him captain! Scott's trademark is his hat! Scott is also the biggest joker on the team! Fun fact: It's Scott's birthday today!

Me: It's hard to believe, but I lead the team last year with a ringer percentage of 17%. I just pretend that I'm bowling when I pitch shoes, that's interesting, because I am not a good bowler. I was part of the old dart team, but a late addition to that team. I enjoy the night out and socializing with the team. Wednesday night, league night, is my weekend.

We won this week 4 to 2! Noland lead the way with a great week of 15 ringers and 2 six-packs (double ringer) not downing beers! That's out of 60 shots! Lad shot very well. I struggled with only 7 ringers, but I started to get better towards the end of the night. Scott, learned a lot with league paperwork and got on the board with a couple of ringers.

I'll keep you updated throughout the season. The season goes until August 14th and then playoffs! I also promise video coming later this season!