About 6 or 7 years ago, I wanted to start a feature about famous Mainers. The obvious choices were people like Patrick Dempsey, Joan Benoit, etc.. However, I wanted to look into everyday Mainers who might have been world record holders. That's when I found out about Wilton's own Damian Osgood, more about him a little later.

I got in contact with Damian, explaining what I was working on (we never did end up doing the 'Famous Mainers' feature). We messaged each other on myspace and became friends. Fast forward a few years and we've become good friends. We cookout a few times a year, Damian plays his guitar and sings around the fire pit... good times.

Now, back to what Damian has accomplished in his 28 years. He's a 5-time World Bench Press Championship Winner! Damian is also the youngest person to bench more than 600 pounds while weighing under 200 pounds (he benched 605lbs @ 178lbs). He's been featured in Flex Magazine! He even autographed my copy! Damian has had some injures recently, that aren't lifting related, and isn't able to continue to lift at this time. He has given me encouragement and great advice on my workout routine and diet.

Damian and his girlfriend, Katherine, are expecting their first child any day!

Oh, as for my 'little friend' Damian stands in at 5'2. I get to do short jokes! I knew we'd be good friends.