More and more women are traveling for business reason these days and airlines are beginning to see a difference in the flying habits of men and women. Men still outnumber women as a customer base for airlines, but the gap is closing. Currently the average is 52% men and 48% women, but some airlines like British Airways carry more women on average.  Men and women fly differently; while she likes the window seat, he prefers the aisle seat… she usually checks a bag, he usually carries on…she likes to curl up like a ball to avoid contact, he likes to spread out…women prefer movies, men prefer sports. All this is important to airlines so they can keep up with their customer base. With more women flying, and becoming frequent flyer members, they are considering changing their menu and adding more women’s magazines to their clubs.  The biggest complaint women have about traveling is... 'men', saying they cut them off trying to board first and assume women don’t have the top-tier elite status that allows them to board early.