In Cuyuna, Minnesota the 35th annual Wood Tick race will take place this Saturday, June 14, an event that draws hundreds of ‘tick jockey’s’ to race Wood Ticks. The race is put on by the town’s volunteer fire department that gets the proceeds from the parasite race.

The entry fee is $5 and if you don’t have a Wood Tick of your own you can buy one for $1. The fire department can make up to $5,000 on the race. The ticks are found in the tall grasses and woods in the state and are ready to suck blood after a long hard winter. The wood tick is a nasty little bugger and can transmit diseases link Lyme, tick paralysis and tick fever but, they are good for racing.

The tracks go up Saturday outside of the bar called the ‘Woodtick Inn’ and the fun begins. Put the tick in the circle and the first one that jumps out, is the winner!