When you get that phone call from the school nurse, your heart starts to race, doesn't it? I got that phone call Tuesday saying Anderson had a small rash on his forehead, probably from his hat. I knew that wasn't what that rash was from. He had had it before. Oh no.

Last year during the months of August and September, Anderson had a very high fever that lasted for a few days. His skin was so sensitive to the temperature that it broke out in splotches. Splotches that made his eyes swell, his feet swell and every part of his body had some form of red spot. The first time it happened I thought it was chicken pox but, no. It was just a fever. I must have called my doctor 10 times asking what to do. I would give him medicine every four hours and a cool cloth on his forehead. It took 3 days to go away.

It happened for a second time the next month and he had to miss school. 3 days of practically panicking because there is nothing you can do to help a sick child. Medicine, food, love and games when they are feeling just a little bit better is all you can do.

It happened again this week. I was calmer this time but it still makes me worried to see him so lethargic. He always has so much energy and he was just a lump on the couch. Whenever I asked how he was feeling he would say "I'm okay, Mama, I'm just a little sick.'

To make it worse this time, he was up all night throwing up and using the bathroom. He never had that before. So he barely slept all night, barely ate all day yesterday. But I checked his forehead while he was sleeping this morning and his forehead seemed cool. I think the fever broke!

When the fever finally breaks, it's like the angels start singing the Hallelujah Chorus! Finally, the happy little boy you know and love is back! The energy is back, the wanting of hot cocoa and playing games...thank goodness! I know it doesn't last very long but it still makes you worry. As a mom, the world stops when your child is sick. I'm thankful the world started again today. So glad you're feeling better, Anderson! Mama loves you!