The theaters here in Maine are pretty comfortable. They now have seats that recline a little and the arm rests can be lifted up so you can put your arm around your honey.

But this theater beats them ALL!

It's called the "BeaniePlex" by TGV Cinemas and here's why: the seats are giant bean bag chairs that seat TWO! This is AWESOME!!

If you're anything like me, I watch movies on the couch with Chad all the time. I'm always snuggled into him whether it's an action movie or a love story...we're stuck like glue!

To go to a theater like this would be great! Snuggling down for two hours. What a fantastic idea. However, there are some drawbacks.

Like having to vacuum the beanbags after every movie and the floor. And what about the spilling of drinks? EEWW!!  But other than that...I think it's a great idea!


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